childrens folding chairs and table for kids
Kids chairs that fold



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Childrens Folding Chairs and Table Set

A must have item for grand parents and anyone with children!

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1 (One) Blue Table with four legs that fold under. This is a Heavy Duty table, not some wimpy thing. The top of the table is soft and padded. Table is approx. 24 inches wide x 24 inches long. The legs are approx. 20" long, so the table stands about 20" high.

4 (Four) small folding chairs. Each of the chairs is a different color: GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, and RED. The back of the chair is about 22" off the ground, and seat is approx. 12" off the ground. They are also very durable, and the seats and backs of the chairs are padded.


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Blue Folding Table w/colored folding chairs now IN STOCK!

This kids folding table and chairs set is a heavy duty item that will last a life time. The childrens folding chairs are made of a strong metal and are padded on top for comfort. The folding table is also made of a durable metal is also padded. This set is great for children to play on hours at a time. The table and chairs foldup for easy storage. - Great children's furniture you won't want to be without!

Blue Table w/colored chairs now IN STOCK!

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Folding table and chair set. This hard to find item is something no grand parent will want to be without! It folds up easily for storage in tight spaces like under your couch, or in be the side of your fridge, or in a closet. The table and chairs are durable, yet cute and bright so that children will love playing.

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