Folding Table and Folding Chairs for Childrens and Kids

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folding tables and and folding chairs for kids




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Childrens Folding Table and Chairs Set

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Blue Folding Table with 4 Colored Folding Chairs



1 (One) Blue Table with four legs that fold under. This is a Heavy Duty table, not some wimpy thing. The top of the table is soft and padded. Table is approx. 24 inches wide x 24 inches long. The legs are approx. 20" feet long, so the table stands a little under 2 feet high.

4 (Four) small folding chairs. Each of the chairs is a different color: GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, and RED. The chairs stand about 20" tall from the ground to the top of the seat's back. The seat sits 12" off the ground. They are also very durable, and the seats and backs of the chairs are padded.


This Kid's Folding Table and Folding Chair Set is the perfect give for your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and for any child. Kid's will love this fun table and chair set for hours of fun at a time. Kids can have tea parties and picnics on it. They can color, draw, and eat all of their meals on it. Great for any room in the home, or for a tree or play house.

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WARNING: Folding Chairs and Table may cause injury if not used properly. Do not leave any children unattended when they are using any of the folding chairs or the folding table. Folding chairs and table should only be folded and unfolded by adults. Do not allow any children to fold or unfold the chairs. Ensure the safety locks on the chairs and table are secure and locked before allowing children to sit on or play near the folding chairs and table.

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